This post is about the movie Crash. I just watched it again and I could whatch it a lot times in the same day. Of course, this movie won that academy award because it is all about LA, so make a conclusion. It haves someting close to 21 grams, I didn’t stop to see these movies back-to-back and make an analysis, but they have a lot in commom.

So, I love crash beacuse it is about limits, we don’t see a “bad guy” and a “good guy”. All we can see is a lot of normal people. There ar some scenes that make all of us (normal people, who take the right and the wrong choices) think about life and limits. For shure it is an amazing movie, but i have to desagree that nobody touchs you in LA. I spent some time over there and I just loved all people i met in LA. But for who borned ther it could be different. For some reason I just can think that I’m could be without always trying to be the good guy, but I can be myself, as a human been, and learn in every situation I have to go trough. 


This film touchs me in the deep, as the song says: 

"In the silence,
all your secrets, will
raise their worried heads.
Well, you can pin yourself back together,
to who you thought you were.
Now you're out there livin'..."



Sobre Ernesto Antonini

Publicitário, profissional de inteligência estratégica.
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